Architectural Review Committee


“Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places.”   Camille Pissarro

The Architectural Review Committee is responsible for ensuring that exterior property modifications maintain the harmonious and pleasing character of our community. We must know that your plan is structurally sound and does not negatively affect your neighbors. 

Architectural Review Criteria

Townhouse owners should consider the following criteria as they begin their modification planning. 

Validity of Concept: The basic idea must be sound and appropriate to the surroundings.

Landscape and Environment: Exterior changes may not unnecessarily change the natural landscape or surrounding environment. 

Relationship of Change to Surrounding Properties: Change should relate harmoniously, physically, and visually to neighbors’ properties. 

Protection of Neighbors: Consideration will be given to matters such as surface water drainage, sight/sound buffers, preservation of view, light, and air, and any other aspects which may have a significant effect on the surrounding properties. 

Design Compatibility: Change must be harmonious with the design characteristics of the community setting in terms of style, scale, materials, and color. 

Workmanship: Quality of work must be equal to or exceed that of existing properties.


ARC Guidelines

The Village at Pebble Lake Architectural Review Guidelines have been established to assist residents in the modification request process.  If requesting to install Solar Panels Please fill out the Homeowner Solar Panel agreement.

“Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.”                                      Alice Walker 

Submitting Your Project 

All structural modifications of individual properties, including replacement, must be submitted on the Architectural Modification Request form and submitted to ARC at for consideration. ARC recommendations are presented to the HOA Board for final approval. Homeowners must receive written approval from ARC before any work begins.


If the homeowner’s application for change is denied, the homeowner may appeal the decision in a scheduled hearing before the HOA Board.

“Art is a harmony parallel with nature.’  Paul Cezanne





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