How do I access the owners’ only section of the Website

To assess the owners-only section of the website, click here and fill out the form.  Your information will be verified and you will be emailed a password.  Please do not share this password. 

How do I pay my HOA dues?

CIT Group, Inc., formerly called Mutual of Omaha is our third-party vendor collecting and processing residents’ HOA dues. You can set up an account online to pay dues 

Note: Association dues are setup to be due once every three months, starting on January 1st.  If you would prefer to pay monthly, you can do so at the payment site above by simply making partial pre-payments every month, prior to the quarterly payment due date.  Your balance is required to be paid in full by the time the quarterly payment is due.

What if I want to make changes to my property?

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is tasked with ensuring that exterior property modifications are in harmony with our community. Please complete the Architectural Modification Request Form (click for link) to the committee chair before any work begins. We recommend that you read the ARC Guidelines and the HOA Rules & Regulations  (click for links) because there are some modifications that do not require a modification request (i.e. storm doors). Contact Rick Cataldo at with any questions about exterior modifications to your home.

What maintenance on my townhome is the HOA responsible for?

As you know when you purchased your townhome, you agreed that a third party, the HOA, had partial responsibility for some areas of your home. The Association has affirmative – and limited- maintenance, repair, and replacement obligations pursuant to Article IV, Section 2 of the Declaration. In other words, even though the Association has no ownership interest in your townhome, it has certain legal obligations with respect to some specified areas of maintenance, repair, and replacement of your dwelling.  The board has reviewed the governing documents and with the assistance of our attorney, who only practices HOA law.  We have compiled a list to assist homeowners with what is covered by the HOA on your property.  This list does not supersede our governing documents but is to help clarify those documents.

How do I report building maintenance issues?

If you wish to report a building maintenance issue, please use the form linked  here . Include photo(s) of maintenance issue and date issue occurred, if known. Email form and photos to: ACS West at and reference the subject line as Pebble Lake Building Maintenance Issue. The maintenance issue will be reviewed by the Property Manager and submitted to the Board. A written response will be provided to the homeowner within 45 days.

Disclaimer: Please be aware all storm-related damage to the exterior of any townhouse is the responsibility of each homeowner. Any emergency maintenance issue should be taken care of by the homeowner, and a building maintenance form sent to the ACS WEST. These items should be submitted to the homeowners’ insurance company as needed.

What are the specifications for materials used for exterior repair?

Exterior paint colors:

  • Front and rear doors paint color – Sweet Rosewood (Valspar – WV40016)
  • Door Jambs and surround – Colonial Beige (Valspar – WV400001)


  • CTR – Moire Black from Best Distributors – Code CTRSRHROXMB


  • Mill Creek White and Mill Creek Wicker from Lansing Products – Code ALC MC50.

Where can I go to dump trash and recyclables that the curbside services won’t take?

Convenience centers are located throughout the county for residents to dispose of household trash and recyclables free of charge.  Here’s the  website (click for link).  When using any of Hanover County’s convenience centers for trash disposal and recycling, a Hanover County, Ashland, or public works decal must be displayed.  Please see the county webpage for details.

Is there a dog park nearby?

Pole Green Dog Park here (click for link).