ACS West under the direction of the Board of Directors oversees all contracts and issues regarding the landscape, irrigation, pond maintenance, snow removal, and the appearance of our community grounds. 


Lawn Care Service


Mark your weekly calendars! TBD will be our weekly scheduled lawn maintenance day. If for some reason that day is changed, for example, because of weather, the HOA will send out an update email to residents who have “subscribed” to the HOA newsletter. 


On the scheduled lawn maintenance days, please make sure the vendor has unrestricted access to your grass areas as they will not be moving personal items. This includes removing:

  • Trash cans (put them at the top of your driveway).
  • Dog waste – the vendor will not cut any areas where there is dog waste.
  • Lawn furniture, decorations, hoses, solar lights, toys, BBQs, and any other items blocking a clear path.


Also, please do not park in the alleyways. Please note: the vendor is contracted to service our community as a whole, and in a consistent manner. It is not possible for our vendor to provide personalized services for a specific homeowner – please do not ask them to do so. Concerns about the service can be sent to the Committee Chair. 


Weeding, Aeration, and Seeding

The best time of year to aerate and seed a lawn is in the fall. The ground conditions and changing weather make for perfect conditions to aerate and overseed. 

Other Services

The Landscape vendor provides numerous other services beyond simply mowing our lawns. They weed, prune, tend to the mulch beds and remove snow — should we have any! 











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