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We are scheduled to be aerated, seeded, and fertilized on 9/24/21, weather permitting.   Cutting will be skipped on 10/1. The weekly cut will resume on 10/8.  Please note this schedule is tentative and may change due to weather.  The company will not be responsible for moving items or damage caused by the homeowner failing to move items.  If there are items blocking, impeeding, such as but not limited to stepping stones, lighting, etc. The yard will not be aerated, but will still be seeded and fertilized.  







The Board of Directors has retained ACS West as Full Time Management.  ACS West will assist the board of directors with the running of the HOA.  ACS West has done our financials, mailings, annual meetings as well as other items since its inception.  

Starting today Monday, September 20th, 2021 please direct all questions and requests including building maintenance and ARC to them.  The forms and regulations remain the same.

You can contact them our manager, Doris White, by phone at (804) 282-7451 or email




The 2021 Pool Season is Ending!  Thanks for a Great year.

The Last Day of the Pool Season for 2021 is Sunday, September 26th.

Thank you to all the volunteers who made this season possible.  

Chesley for stepping in as Chair, Rick for all his hard work, and ALL the Pool Monitors-It takes a Village! 






****Correction:  Time Change-Time is 7:30 PM***

***Additional items in Executive Session-Violations and Contracts***

Village at Pebble Lake Townhouse Owners’ Association, Inc.

Special Meeting of the Board of Directors

Pebble Lake Clubhouse

September 21st, 2021 at 7:30 p.m.



Welcome and Call to Order

Roll Call and Verification of Quorum

Proof of Notice

Approval of Minutes

Approval of Agenda



The topic of this Special Meeting will be limited to:


Budget Work Session

The board will start to work on the 2022 budget



Owners’ Forum – This Owners’ Forum will be limited to the topic of the budget.

This is the appropriate time for owners to address the board with comments, suggestions, or questions which pertain to the 2022 budget.

Executive Session:





 Pebble Lake Board of Directors

The Pebble Lake Board of Directors will meet on Tuesday, September 7th

2021, at 7: 00 pm at the clubhouse 


                         All owners are invited to attend the meeting at the clubhouse.

We will offer a call-in option for this meeting as a courtesy but are not required to nor are we responsible for any tech issues. We encourage all to attend in person and make no guarantees for the virtual option.  


Open Session Topics:

Welcome and Call to Order

Roll Call and Verification of Quorum

Approval of Minutes  

Approval of Agenda

Welcome and Introduction of New Residents


Officer Reports to the Board

President’s Report 

Vice-president’s Report   

Treasurer’s Report

Secretary Report


Committee Reports to the Board                                                                                                                                                                           Clubhouse/Pool/


Building Maintenance




NEW Business:

Management by ACS West-Doris White will be present to answer the boards questions




Unfinished Business:

Virtual option of meeting –


Owners’ Forum: 

Executive Session Topics:

Violations- (update)




Google meet will be offered as a courtesy only.  The Board of Directors is not responsible for any tech failures, including but not limited to links being incorrect.  All can attend the meeting live at the clubhouse.

Village at Pebble Lake BOD meeting

Tuesday, September 7 starting at 7 pm

Google Meet joining info

Video call link:

Pebble Lake Board of Directors  Special Meeting

The Pebble Lake Board of Directors will meet on Sunday, August 29thth

2021, at 3:30 pm at the clubhouse and online.

All owners are invited to attend the meeting virtually. Zoom meeting instructions are included below for those who wish to join the meeting remotely. After consulting with legal counsel, the VPL Board is making these allowed changes because of the special circumstances regarding public health.  

Open Session Topics:

Welcome and Call to Order 

Roll Call and Verification of Quorum

Approval of Minutes

Approval of Agenda 


NEW Business:  Roof repair


Owners’ Forum: Will be limited to the topic of the special meeting only


The Village at Pebble Lake Board of Directors Monthly Meeting Notice 

The Pebble Lake Board of Directors will meet on [to be scheduled] at the clubhouse and online.

All owners are invited to attend the meeting virtually. Zoom meeting instructions are posted on the Owners’ Only section of the Website. After consulting with legal counsel, the VPL Board is making these allowed changes because of the special circumstances regarding public health.

Open Session Topics:
Officer Reports to the Board:
Committee Reports to the Board:                                                                                                                                                               
Building Maintenance
NEW Business:
Owners’ Forum:      
Executive Session Topics:


Building Maintenance update           

The POWER WASHING is complete! Thank you Residents for your cooperation.

Upcoming Electrician Services: Six street lights and the entrance sign light will be repaired the week of June 21st.

Questions? Contact The Committee Chair at:


Pebble Lake Board of Directors Meeting Notice

The Pebble Lake Board of Directors meets the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 P.M. at the clubhouse and online. The actual Day May change due to schedules. 

Check back here for details!

See Homeowners’ Only Section for Details or Sign-up Below for Inbox Updates


The pool is open!

the pool will be unlocked daily through Friday, June 4th at which time a key will be required for entry.

How To Obtain a key:

A 2021 Pool Registration Form and Covid Waiver is required and can be dropped off in the box at the pool Gate.

Remember, It takes three (3) business days to process the forms, The HOA will email you when your key is available for pick up, 

Please note: your Assessments must be current to use the pool. Please contact Doris at ACS West if you need to bring your account current.

If You are a VPL renter, the owner must fill out the form transferring the rights to access the pool.


No Swimming in the pond!

no parking along the curbs — this is a safety issue.

Trash cans need to be moved behind the fence line, after trash pick up — they can not be left at the end of the lot/driveway.

Please remember to pick up after your pet. there are pet waste stations located throughout the community.

No exterior alterations can be made without ARC approval — this includes but is not limited to Attaching anything to the exterior of the townhome, fences, patios, pavers, stepping stones. Please Visit the ARC Page of the Website for details on how to submit modifications.


We have a Pool Committee Chair! Thank you Chelsey Holloway! 

Chelsey could use some help. Please consider volunteering as a member of the pool committee. Contact:  


The Village at Pebble Lake Townhouse Owners’ Association



Dear Residents,

We are approaching our HOA Annual Meeting Board elections and all Board positions are open! This is an urgent call for volunteers!

If the Board positions are not filled, the day-to-day HOA operations will cease.

In addition, there are numerous Committee Chair and Member positions open. These committees will not be active without a Chair; for example:

Please consider getting more involved this year by stepping up to serve the community in a meaningful role!

Board of Directors (BOD) Roles and Responsibilities

The BOD has ultimate authority on day-to-day operation and management of the community. While there are five positions available, e.g., President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director,

there must be a minimum of three seats filled for the Board to be activated. The commitment is a one-year term. Homeowner elections are held in June to select new Board members. The following positions will be open during this year’s Annual Meeting elections in June.

If you are interested, please contact the current HOA President at

President: Presides at all meetings of the HOA, executes contracts, orders and all documents in the name of the HOA. The president serves as spokesperson for the Board and has an affirmative duty to carry out the responsibilities of the office in the best interests of the HOA.

Vice-President: Participates in Board meetings and may act for the president only when the president is absent, or unable to act.

Secretary: Participates in and maintains a record of all Board meetings; is the custodian for most of the official records of the Association.

Treasurer: Participates in Board meetings and is the custodian of the funds, securities, and financial records of the Association; ensures the financial records for the Association are maintained properly in accordance with sound accounting practices and provides financial status reporting at Board meetings. Also acts as chair of the Finance Committee.

Director(s): Participates in Board meetings and has an equal vote when Board members are polled for Board decisions. Their attendance can provide a quorum and can often provide a tie breaking vote if necessary.

Committee Chairs and Members Roles and Responsibilities

The Board establishes committees in various community resources and interest areas. Committees have no management or operational authority over community resources. They serve in an advisory capacity to the Board in addressing community operations and satisfying resident needs in key areas.

There is a spot for you on one of the HOA committees!

There is no limit to the number of residents who can serve as active members on our committees.

If you are interested in giving your time to Chair a Committee or participate as a Member, please contact the current HOA President at

One of the best ways to maintain the beauty and value of a community is with residents who give their time, and it takes a village!

Please consider making a difference in our community this year!


The Village at Pebble Lake HOA Board of Directors


Landscaping Update

We have a new lawn maintenance team who will start servicing our community this Friday, October 2nd.  Please note, going forward, Fridays will be our weekly scheduled lawn maintenance day.

If for some reason the day is changed, for example because of rain, we will send an email out as we’ve done in the past.  If you haven’t yet signed up to receive the HOA notices, now is a great time to do so!  Please visit the “Subscribe” section at the bottom of the HOA website’s home page.

On the scheduled lawn maintenance days, please make sure the vendor has unrestricted access to your grass areas as they will not be moving any of your personal items. This includes:

  • Removing trash cans and ensuring they are not blocking access. We suggest, if possible, you put them at the top of your driveways nearest the door.

  • Removing any dog waste from the area. The vendor will not cut any areas with dog waste.

  • Removing lawn furniture, decorations, hoses, solar lights, toys, BBQs, and any other items.

Also, please do not park in the alleyways behind the townhouses on the lawn care days. As a reminder, the vendor is contracted to service our community as a whole, and in a consistent manner throughout. It is not possible for our vendor to provide personalized services for a specific homeowner – please do not ask them to do so. If you have questions or concerns about the service, please contact the Landscape Committee Chair at

We appreciate your cooperation. 

Thank you!


Did you know Townhouse Owners’ Association payments are due quarterly on January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st?

If you would prefer to pay monthly, you can do so by visiting the payment link below and making partial pre-payments every month, prior to the quarterly payment due date, As long as Your balance is paid in full by the quarterly payment due date.

How do I pay my HOA dues?

CIT Group, Inc., formerly called Mutual of Omaha, is our third-party vendor collecting and processing residents’ HOA dues.

You can set up an account online to pay dues by clicking this link:


Thanks to all owners for adjusting to the correct parking as dictated by the county development plans.

Just a reminder: There is no curb or grass parking. Owners should not park sideways or block parking spots to save them for someone else. The ONLY assigned spaces are the ones in the rear of the townhomes. EVERY unit has 2 spots in the rear only (either 2 paved, or 1 paved and 1 garage).

ALL parking out front is on a first come first serve, there are NO additional assigned spaces. Regardless of how long you have parked in a spot or it’s relation to your townhome, there are no other assigned/reserved spots.

Towing will be enforced; towing is at the owner’s expense.The HOA towing company is Peaco Towing. Signs are posted at the entrances of the community. Please contact the HOA Board with any questions:


The Pond

The Village of Pebble Lake Pond is for the enjoyment of all residents. The Pond allows Fishing for Residents and Guest Only.** Fishing license required**

No other wildlife are to be removed from the pond or property. No fish or other wildlife are to be removed by nets, buckets, or traps.





Why You Should Always Pick Up after Your Dog’s Poop 

 1. It’s A Matter of respect for people and the community. Cleaning up after your dog is always the right thing to do. It’s unfair to other residents to leave your dog’s poop laying around.  No one likes to step in poop and take it into homes, cars and businesses. If you’ve ever tried to get dog poop out of the treads of your shoes, you know how infuriating it can be.

2. It’s bad for the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies pet waste as a toxic pollutant and places it in the same category as chemical and oil spills. The EPA estimates that just two days’ worth of dog waste from about 100 dogs would contribute enough pollution to close a beach and all watershed areas within 20 miles of it.

Stormwater carries dog poop directly into waterways. Dog waste contains nutrients and pathogens that harm local waters by depleting the oxygen in water necessary for beneficial underwater grasses, wildlife and fish. In addition, dog waste decomposes in waterways releasing nutrients that cause excessive growth of algae and weeds. The water becomes murky, green, and smelly.

3. Dog poop poses a health threat to people and pets. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention dog poop can contain parasites and germs that can be harmful to humans. In particular, roundworms and hookworms deposited by infected animals can live in the soil for long periods of time and be transmitted to other humans and animals.

In addition, veterinary experts at Drs. Foster and Smith say that giardia and E-coli can be transmitted from feces to people and dogs. Dogs can also spread or contract parvovirus or coronavirus through infected feces.

4. Dog poop is not a natural fertilizer. One of the top reasons people give for not cleaning up after their dogs is a belief that dog waste is natural and good for the Earth, according to the Humane Society of the United States.

However—unlike cow or horse manure—dog waste is not good for the soil. That’s because cows and horses are herbivores, whereas dogs are omnivores, and their diet is high in protein, say experts at Practica, a pet waste management company. In fact, dog waste is so high in nitrogen and phosphorus it can burn grass if not picked up.

5. It takes dog waste a long time to decompose. Many people who don’t pick up after their dogs believe that it’s no big deal, because the poop will quickly decompose.

This is not true. According to Clear Choices Clean Water, dog poop can take up to a year to break down depending on the climate and the dog’s diet. And even after the poop breaks down the bacteria and parasites remain in the soil.

6. We’ve made it easy for you! There are multiple dog waste disposal stations around the grounds.  We even supply the bags!  Please make use of them and we’ll all have a cleaner, healthier community.  Thanks!